Welcome to Amsa Renal Care

 With several hours devoted to treatment every month, Dialysis patients deserve not just the best care, but a comforting environment as well. Introducing AMSA Renal Care, a state-of-the-art Dialysis and Renal Care Facility providing World Class Dialysis in Dubai & Seychelles for the past 5 years. AMSA aims to open multiple centers across the region to provide world class renal care, allowing patients to access dialysis therapy close to their homes which is cost effective.Click here for more

Be Active

Be Active

Regular exercises strengthens you to combat weakness due to CKD.

Be Hydrated

 Normal =   2500ml 
CKD     =   750ml


Be Smoke-free

Smoking reduces the efficacy of your medicines.

Be in Control

Monitor your blood pressure & sugar periodically to remain in control.